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DEADLINE Abgabefrist Call H2020-LC-SC3-2020

Frist zum Einreichen von Anträgen im Call: H2020-LC-SC3-2020

Topics: RES-1, RES-10, RES-18, RES-26, RES-31, RES-32, RES-37, JA-5

Topics im Themenbereich 'Global Leadership in Renewables'

  • LC-SC3-RES-1-2019-2020: Developing the next generation of renewable energy technologies
  • LC-SC3-RES-10-2020: Pre-Commercial Procurement for a 100% Renewable Energy Supply
  • LC-SC3-RES-18-2020: Advanced drilling and well completion techniques for cost reduction in geothermal energy
  • LC-SC3-RES-26-2020: Development of next generation renewable fuel technologies from CO2 and renewable energy (Power and Energy to Renewable Fuels)
  • LC-SC3-RES-31-2020: Offshore wind basic science and balance of plant
  • LC-SC3-RES-32-2020: New test rig devices for accelerating ocean energy technology development
  • LC-SC3-RES-37-2020: Combined clean biofuel production and phytoremediation solutions from contaminated lands worldwide

Topic im Themenbereich 'Joint Actions'

  • LC-SC3-JA-5-2020: Long Term EU-Africa Partnership for Research and Innovation actions in the area of renewable energy

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