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DEADLINE Abgabefrist Call H2020-LC-SC3-2020

Frist zum Einreichen von Anträgen im Call: H2020-LC-SC3-2020

Topics: B4E-1, B4E-5, B4E-6, B4E-7, B4E-8, B4E-9, B4E-10, B4E-12 und EC-4

Topics im Themenbereich "Buildings for Energy Transition"

  • LC-SC3-B4E-1-2020: Towards highly energy efficient and decarbonised buildings
  • LC-SC3-B4E-5-2020: Integrated design concepts for energy-efficient ICT in buildings
  • LC-SC3-B4E-6-2020: Big data for buildings
  • LC-SC3-B4E-7-2020: European building stock data 4.0
  • LC-SC3-B4E-8-2020: Renewable and energy efficient solutions for heating and/or cooling, and domestic hot water production in multi-apartment residential buildings
  • LC-SC3-B4E-9-2020: Support to the coordination of European smart buildings innovation community
  • LC-SC3-B4E-10-2020: Self-assessment and self-optimisation of buildings and appliances for a better energy performance
  • LC-SC3-B4E-12-2020: National roundtables to implement the Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative

Topic im Themenbereich "Smart and clean energy for consumers"

  • LC-SC3-EC-4-2020: Socio-economic research: non-energy impacts and behavioural insights on energy efficiency interventions

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