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Topics: CC-1, CC-3, JA-3, JA-5, NZE-4, NZE-5, RES-7, RES-16, RES-23

Topics im Themenbereich 'Cross-cutting issues':

Topics im Themenbereich 'Joint Actions':

  • LC-SC3-JA-3-2019: European Pre-Commercial Procurement Programme for Wave Energy Research &Development
  • LC-SC3-JA-5-2019: Joint Programming with EU and African partners for a R&I actions in the area of renewable energy

Topics im Themenbereich 'Enabling near-zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants and carbon intensive industries':

  • LC-SC3-NZE-4-2019: Integrated solutions for flexible operation of fossil fuel power plants through power-to-X-to-power and/or energy storage
  • LC-SC3-NZE-5-2019-2020: Low carbon industrial production using CCUS

Topics im Themenbereich 'Global leadership in renewables':

Renewable energy solutions for implementation at consumer scale:

Renewable energy solutions for energy system level implementation:

  • LC-SC3-RES-16-2019: Development of solutions based on renewable sources that provide flexibility to the energy system

Renewable Fuels for transport:

  • LC-SC3-RES-23-2019: Development of next generation biofuel and alternative renewable fuel technologies for aviation and shipping 

NKS Energie Team